Summer Hockey School 2023 Slaný

Summer Hockey School 2023 Slaný

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General Information

Attendance at our hockey school includes multi-language lessons, on and off the ice. The duration of one teaching cycle is from Saturday to Friday; …of course the length of the cycle can be adjusted individually, by mutual agreement.

The dedicated  team of coaches with international experience takes care of all players 24 hours a day. They are also accompanied throughout the day by medical and pedagogical staff.

We emphasize a balanced, healthy diet. The menu includes a daily nutritious breakfast, healthy snack, hot lunch, afternoon snack and a rich dinner. Of course, there are also available some goodies for the kids, such as birthday cakes, toasted sausages and marshmallows by the campfire.
Every Thursday we organize a closing ceremony for the players and also for their parents and siblings. We are always pleased to see the “loyal participants”, and to meet the new faces.

Our hockey school is often visited by domestic and international hockey personalities, by players of the national hockey team or by inline hockey players. As part of the Panci Hockey School program, our youngest participants can enjoy the traditional storytelling at bedtime, or night visit by “tooth fairy”, etc.
For “big players”, along with preparation for the new season, it’s important to establish international friendships. The multilingualism allows participants to combine the sport performance and use of  the foreign languages ​​in practice.

We are honored to welcome “moms and dads” on the ice, to try a training week in our HOBBY group.

The courses include:

12 x Icetime (60 min.)

  • 6x skills Training
  • 2x Games and small area games
  • 3x PIIHS full ice game
  • 1x PIIHS tournament

10x Off ice Training

  • 2x Stickhandling
  • Coordination and Agility
  • Kickboxing
  • Core
  • Body strenght
  • Teamwork
  • Ballgames
  • Gladiator game
  • Swimming

3x Goalie practice

  • Goalie teorie
  • Off ice Training for goalie


Registration for Panci International Hockey School Slaný 2023.


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