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As a child, I often watched other children sadly go on weekend trips with their parents, prepare for the holidays, ride a bike or in new skates. Even as a player or coach, I had deep in my pocket that I didn’t know if I would have food for the next day. Each of us can find ourselves in a life situation that requires help. Lately, there is a need for more and more help, that I alone is no longer enough. If you feel like donating JOY with us! Send a voluntary contribution to the account of a hockey school, which we will use well for the benefit of children.

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Today's times have added a bit more obstacles to our travels, testing our resilience, psyche and will. Many families lose their family members much earlier and unexpectedly... At the end of April, together with the wonderful colleagues from UNICORN, we were spreading a joy among our brave hockey brothers. We are looking forward to spend additional 2 weeks of the hockey holidays, with them.